About Us

Corporate Data

Corporate Name

Nippoh Elex Co., Ltd.


February, 1981


30 million yen


1 billion yen / year


Hideo Bamba
Hideo Bamba
Chief Executive Officer

Associated Banks

Fukagawa Branch, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ; Fukagawa Branch, Mizuho Bank; Tokyo Branch, The 77 Bank; Susaki Branch, Kotou Shinkin

Business Areas

General equipment

Indoor and outdoor incoming/transformer panels, power control panels, electronic appliance panels, supervisory boards, lighting panelboards, air-conditioning control boards, switching panels, terminal boards, computerized control panels, surveillance systems for building administration

Housing: Indoor and outdoor incoming cubicles, control observation panels, air-conditioning control panels, automatic pump activation panels, lighting distribution panels

Park/Greenery: Incoming panels, distribution panels, automatic lighting panels, display panels

Industrial facilities

Plant control sequencer panels, touch panels, control desk panels, instrumentation panels, incoming/transformer panels related to incinerator and effluent treatment, instrumentation dash boards, power control panels, interlock control panels,

Power Generation

Auxiliary boiler relay panels, BTG panels, peripheral device relay panels, converter panels, control desk panels

Nuclear Power Plant

Application control devices

Shipping Industry

MDFs (main distributing frames), control panels, maneuvering boards, distribution panels, water-proof lighting and power distribution apparatuses

Public Offices


Outdoor incoming/transformer cubicles, control observation panels (bench-type, desk-type), high-/low-voltage incoming/transformer panels, air-conditioning control panels, automatic pump activation panels, lighting panelboards, miscellaneous control panels (sequencer panels, relay panels)


Incoming/transformer panels, surveillance control panels, power generation equipment panels, instrumentation dash boards, power control panels, incoming/transformer panels, interlock control panels


Incoming cubicles (including high/low-voltage panels and operating power equipment); intake/exhaust control panels; lighting control panels; auxiliary equipment power lighting boards; signal display control panels


High/low-voltage panels and surveillance control panels (PLC); air-conditioning control boards; signal control panels; operating control panels; power lighting panelboards

Major Customers